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Rope ladder Speed Climb at the Fancy Dress TCC should be a laugh

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Speed Climb at Matt Glen's Fancy Dress TCC on Saturday 29 January in Cornwall Park, Auckland will require competitors to climb a steel wire caving ladder.

Unlike a traditional rope ladders, a caving ladder is only 150mm wide, with very thin aluminum rungs suspended on 6mm wire rope. The climb could be up to 9 meters.

Laddering is not a natural activity for tree climbers so this could be very interesting - especially in fancy dress. Apparently, speed up the ladder is 'technique dependent' according to the caving experts… but what ladder climbing technique do you apply?

The caving ladder rungs are only wide enough to accommodate one foot at a time to make things even more difficult.

We have been unable to find an 'how to' laddering video to help you out so this one will have to do - better get started on those chin-ups!

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