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The DoM is not relevant for the ART-product-range

The DoM is not relevant for the ART-product-range

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, March 28, 2024

The default starting position when defining PPE equipment life span is the Date of Manufacture (DoM) since this data is almost always present on the equipment, usually via the serial number.

However, climbers and gear checkers should note that the ART-product range is unique in terms of maximum lifespans (hardware and textiles).

ART product lifespans start when the gear is "first put into use". That means the climber (or gear owner) needs to know when the equipment first entered the field (rather than the default DoM via the serial number) - this is especially relevant when a third party checks the gear. For example, you will need this information if you use ART equipment in an ISA-sanctioned tree-climbing competition.

If you cannot determine the first use date, check with Treetools for the appropriate sale information (if you purchased the gear from us), or you can consider using software such as Scannable or Petzl ePPE Centre. Some of you will be well organised and have a written record. Regardless of the method, the ART retirement date directly corresponds to the equipment's first use date, not the DoM.

ART began streamlining the valid retirement rules for all ART products in 2020 - 2021. The more recent ART manuals (post 2021) show a general statement regarding the lifespan of "textile parts." The chart below shows the 2020-21 streamlining of ART lifespans.

Metal components on ART equipment have a life span of seven years, and textile parts five years from the date the gear first entered the field.

Some older manuals may be circulating online, but the new 2020-21 ART life span rules remain valid for earlier products. 

Reference: Holger Fink, ART representative

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