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DMM Kinisi Max; history in the making

DMM Kinisi Max; history in the making

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 13, 2024

There is so much history in the new Kinisi Max harness from DMM, which was made even more poignant with research assistance from Drew Bristow (Fiji) and Sam Smith (New Zealand), both long-time DMM supporters and world-famous tree climbers. For those that do not know, the DMM Kinsisi Max harness is a collaborative effort between the Treemagineers (Chris Cowell, Mark Bridge (TCC Head Technician for many years) and Bernd Strasser (Nine times ITCC Champion)) and DMM, Wales.

The Treemagineers have been at the forefront of professional product development for almost 20 years, with the early model Treemotion being their most famous product. DMM supplied the Treemotion hardware on the original harness. However, to help bring the new harness design to life and ensure the best possible built quality, DMM has evolved to produce hardware and 'soft' components of the Kinisi Max harness in a new, purpose-built harness manufacturing facility in North Wales.

The DMM Kinisi Max features a rope bridge length adjuster connected to the lower D's, which provides easy configuration and optimised positioning. Like the Treemotion EVO, you can configure the Kinisi Max for rope or webbing bridges. The rear restraint point at the back of the harness is easy to locate and doubles as a secure attachment point for the chainsaw lanyard.

The support webbing on the Kinisi Max offers maximum comfort, being woven in an x-shape through the support material and padded with foam, providing comfort by spreading the user's weight over a large surface area. The slimmed-down structural webbing offers maximum movement and agility.

Pre-cut holes on the DMM Kinisi Max allow the use of DMM XSRE carabiners, Stowaways, and the new DMM Caiman, and the gear brackets fit the DMM Vault range and the Parking Lot. The harness is available in three size variants, offering a maximum user weight of 150 kg. Expect pricing to be around the $1400 mark, which is reasonable considering the research and development requirement.

Two new DMM products, the Tendon and the Caiman, will launch simultaneously. The DMM Tendon provides a tidy solution for lifting knee ascenders. A long high-performance shock cord is routed around the entire circumference of the user's waist, resulting in a greater elongation range and more consistency as it stretches, resulting in the smooth lifting of the knee ascender. The system fully retracts neatly inside when not in use.

The DMM Caiman is a strong clip, retrospectively mounted onto small bags (such as a first aid kit) or other small items for secure harness stowage. The DMM Caiman kit includes the mounting bracket and strap. The mounting bracket, for storing the bag clip when not in use, is designed to be attached to surfaces/substrates such as walls and is specifically designed to be compatible with the rear of the DMM Kinisi Max harness. Add a tether to the clip, becoming a no-drop solution for working at height.

Treetools expects the new DMM products to arrive mid to late April, and pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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