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Clay Winter leads in Wellington tree climbing comp

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, October 04, 2010

The Wellington TCC is probably one of the best regional events in the country - a real mixture of tree climbing and involvement with the wider community. The Botanic Gardens venue lends itself to the TCC, bringing together families with kids, grandparents and plenty of passer-bys observing the action - the smell of coffee and sawdust seems to go well together!

The 'unofficial' Wellington Regional TCC results are as follows:

Mens Overall
1) Clay Winter: 155.50 points
2) Marc Higgie: 124.31 points
3) Reuben Drew: 117.23

Woman's Overall
1) Nicky Ward-Allen: 159.00 points
2) Tara Fraser: 99.54 points

Official results are now available on the NZAA website. The NZAA Top 20 rankings will be updated over the next few days. Wellington Regional TCC photographs will be available soon on Flickr.

Clay Winter from Wanganui lowering Woody in the aerial rescue

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