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Un-rated climbing and rigging products for sale at ISA Trade Show

Un-rated climbing and rigging products for sale at ISA Trade Show

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The ITCC 'Committees' issued a public statement recently, recognizing the role the iTCC plays in work site and climber safety - you can download a copy of the statement from the ISA website.

Among other things, the statement recognizes the following assumption: what is OK'ed by the ITCC is more-or-less accepted as OK in the workplace. 

The same principle of ethics and responsibility applies to ITCC/ISA 'associates' - that is, the companies who supply the arb industry with gear (of which Treetools is one).

Retailers, wholesalers and distributors operating in the arb industry are expected to provide equipment in keeping with recognized international safety standards.

Consequently, when you attend an international trade exhibition hosted by the ISA, you would expect to see gear on display that reaches these internationally accepted safety standards - simply put - the gear on exhibition and for sale is safe to use!
In accepting a supplier as an exhibitor at the trade show, the ISA organizing 'committees' are saying to their constituents "these are the guys you should buy your gear from" - they are 'exhibiting' the best (and presumably safest) equipment money can buy.

In other words, the arb suppliers exhibiting at the International Trade Show have the 'blessing' of the ISA/ITCC.

With that 'passive' endorsement in mind, it is somewhat disturbing to find un-marked (un-rated) climbing and rigging hardware available for sale at an ISA International Trade Show.

Luckily, the sales price for this dubious equipment is so low, even the most thrifty of bargain hunters would likely ask questions as to its suitability and safety.

But, what if they don't? What if they return home with their shiny new 'bargain' purchased at the ISA International Trade Show only to find they are putting theirs (or others) life at risk?

Could the buyer abdicate all responsibility and say 'I thought is was OK'ed by the ITCC - after all I bought it at the ISA Trade Show?'

Or is it a clear case of caveat emptor? Let the buyer beware!

Either way, it doesn't look good for the arb industry when can you wander around the ISA Trade Exhibition to find such equipment readily available from one particular exhibitor.

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