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Business tips for arborists - coming soon to a centre near you!

Business tips for arborists - coming soon to a centre near you!

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, January 24, 2011

Wait! Come back and read this blog - it is really important!!! Arborists and sound business practice are not usually spoken in the same breath. Well, not in language we could repeat here.

That's not to say arborists don't make good business people - quite the contrary. However, when it comes to the pointy end of their businesses, generally speaking, arborists would rather be doing something else!

Take quoting for example. What's the best way to approach it, what about hourly rates and how do you charge out for all your gear? What about depreciation and replacement costs for plant and machinery and what's all this about productivity and efficiency?

Not too many arborists get excited about these questions. But… they have to be answered if you want to make any money out of the skill (and equipment) you possess.

The fact is, you have to learn about this business 'stuff' if you want your arb business to feed your family.

Neal Harding and Rossy Ross have spent plenty of time talking with arborists and contract climbers around the country about these very issues and, with support from the NZAA, have come up with a seminar titled Practical Pricing for Arb Contractors.

These guys have plenty of practical experience so you will not be talking with academics or jumped up consultants who have never fired up a chainsaw in anger. The Seminar is called Practical Pricing because that is exactly what it is - good sensible information you can apply immediately to your business and see results.

The Practical Pricing Roadshow will take place in all the main centers during March and September so everyone will have the opportunity to attend - no excuses accepted.

There's a soft price for NZAA Members so join the association to make sure you get the best deal. Check Treetools Event section or the NZAA website for more details.

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