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CAMP Druid Pro

CAMP Druid Pro

CAMP Druid Pro



The CAMP Druid Pro is a lightweight and compact auto-braking descender specifically crafted for rope access and rescue applications, compatible with semi-static ropes ranging from 10 to 11 mm. Expert users will appreciate its design, which lacks the anti-panic function in the lever. Constructed from robust hot-forged aluminium alloy, the body and lever guarantee durability, while the mechanical components utilize precision-cast stainless steel. The innovative internal mechanism and locking cam offer a smooth rope action, minimizing rapid wear and tear and absorbing energy from minor shocks with controlled rope slippage. This fluid rope action also lends itself to efficient rope ascent. The cam can be deactivated using a trigger to facilitate quick rope sliding in low or no-load scenarios. The CAMP Druid Pro also features a steel ring to attach a keeper cord, enhancing convenience during usage.

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  • A lightweight, compact auto-braking descender for rope access and rescue designed for semi-static ropes ranging from 10-11 mm
  • EN 12841/C as a descender of the working line for workers up to 120 kg; can also be used for rope access rescue up to 200 kg
  • EN 341/2A as an emergency evacuation device on a single line for workers up to 120 kg, 11 mm semi-static rope (Lithium 11 mm)
  • EN 15151-1 for climbing structures using mountaineering techniques with dynamic ropes ranging from 9.9 to 11 mm
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL USERS - No panic mode
  • Made in Italy
Rope Ø 9.9 mm - 11 mm
Height 78 mm
Width 110 mm
Weight 280 g
Max Load 200 kg
Body Material Aluminum
Cam Material Stainless Steel
Standards EN 12841/C
EN 341/2A
EN 15151-1

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