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Rock Exotica Unicender

Rock Exotica Unicender

Rock Exotica Unicender




Designed by Morgan Thompson of Ithaca, New York, and manufactured by Rock Exotica, the Unicender replaces the traditional friction hitch, the figure 8, and the ascender. In the doubled rope technique (DbRT), the Unicender becomes a mechanical 'hitch climber' in place of a friction hitch. But the Unicender is more at home in the SRT system. The Unicender advances very smoothly in this configuration making rope climbing more accessible, faster and smoother. The Unicender advances easily and gives complete control over the decent. Made in the USA.

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In the single rope technique (SRT), the Unicender takes the place of both ascenders and descender, preventing the climber from having to switch out hardware with every change in direction and thereby enabling SRT to be a viable working system and not just a canopy entry method.

When descending, the Unicender can be used in either the “squeeze-to-go” configuration like a friction hitch or the “squeeze-to-stop” configuration like a figure 8, which makes it customizable according to each climber’s individual panic response. This incredible new device works by snaking the rope through the 'jaws' where smooth wear surfaces apply friction to the line.

The Unicender can be used with either 11mm or 12mm diameter line (up to 13 mm) without changing any parts, can be easily installed mid-line, and can be sent back to the factory to be rebuilt when the wear surfaces are worn out. Climbers using the Unicender consider this the best climbing hardware they have ever invested in!

  • For both SRT and DdRT climbing technique
  • Virtually no "Sit Back" while ascending
  • Conveniently attaches midline
  • Advances with minimal friction
  • Made in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: Adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in using this equipment. The purchaser's responsibility is to ensure they are competent in using this product. Treetools strongly advise that you do not use any height safety or arborist equipment without first undertaking appropriate training.

Color Orange
Weight 308 g
Certification PENDING
Configurations Single or Double
Rope Ø 11-13 mm

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