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Video footage of Waikato/BoP TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 12, 2009

Competitors and arborist trainers are interested in obtaining the video footage taken at the Waikato/BoP TCC. According to Hugh Speirs and Mike Goodwin (the cameramen on the day) there is over 4 hours of footage showing each of the events. The delays in getting the footage posted can be blamed on unforeseen 'technical issues' but these have now been solved and unedited video should be available next week.

Our original plan was to post short videos on YouTube and the Treetools blog but Doug Pagel from WEL Networks in Hamilton has suggested we make the complete DVD available for training purposes. The raw footage shows all levels of skill and would make an excellent training tool. Thanks Doug (your DVD is in the mail).

Josh Ormsby (2008 Masters) and Mike Goodwin (cameraman) installing the camera on Josh's helmet to get the 'climbers view' at the Waikato/BoP TCC event.

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