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Treemagineers pulleySAVER lessons by Taylor Hamel

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many competition tree climbers take a lot for granted when it comes to rope savers particularly the new pulleySAVER from the Treemagineers.

There is a general assumption that everyone knows why you might need a pulley-based rope saver in the first place. And… installation and (controlled) retrieval is not given a second thought.

There are no such assumptions for Taylor Hamel, a US-based climbing arborist who has specialized in producing quality, in-depth videos showing how best to use Treemagineers products. Taylor understands the need for simplicity.

Below is Taylor's latest offering featuring the new Treemagineers pulleySAVER. The video goes through some pulleySAVER basics and then introduces more complex configuration options.

Makes for excellent viewing - even if you are not in the market immediately for a new pulleySAVER!

Thanks to Taylor Hamel for this link!

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