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Three new products for tree fellers

Three new products for tree fellers

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Treetools has three new tree felling products currently in design phase, due for release at the end of May.

Silvey-style treejack

US-based Silvey Chaingrinder Co popularized the use of hydraulic jacks to assist in the felling of problem trees. The tree jack makes it easier to change the direction of a natural fall.

Silvey Tree Jacks are no longer in production but Treetools still gets plenty of requests for a purpose-built, hydraulic tree felling system.

Conventional bottle jacks do not work in this application.

In most cases the jack profile is too high, the top surface area on the ram is too small and the cheaper jacks do not have any form of relief which means they bleed hydraulic fluid (and collapse) when overloaded.

Treetools concept is a modular hydraulic system which includes a 700 BAR two-speed hydraulic ram connected with 6m of sealed high-pressure hydraulic hose running seal-on-release couplings and assembled by hand (that is: no tools required on-site).

The heavily modified, low-profile 10 tonne jack head has a 105mm lift with a spring-mounted tilting top plate.

To increase capacity, without adding weight, multiple jack heads can be controlled off the single ram.

Mini lift bar

Stihl and Husqvarna have 80cm lift bars with an integrated cant hook available but climbers are asking for an even smaller, more lightweight version (without the cant hook) for portage aloft.

The lift bar is used to assist in tipping the tree (in the intended direction) over the felling hinge.

Treetools heavy-duty but lightweight bar is 60cm long and will include a connection point for on-harness attachment.

Pocket-size kerf wedges

Aerial arborists are asking about a mini kerf wedge to help reduce bar pinch when felling.

The only model available is proprietary to one of the larger US arb retailers who will not supply Treetools (we are flattered to think we are a threat to their very existence).

No matter, the problem is solved; we'll simply produce our own (improved) version.

All three products should be available in-store by the end of May.

Silvey-style hydraulic tree jack 3D modelling by Peter Tregoweth

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