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Release snap for Big Shot

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, October 30, 2009

One of the complaints with the Big Shot Harrison Rocket launcher is its accuracy when the pouch is under extreme tension. Of course, the tough guys out there will have no problem but mere mortals find, the further back you pull the rubber, the harder it is to focus your aim.

The answer to the problem lies with the Big Shot Release Snap. It can be attached anywhere along the length of the Jameson pole (using the 4mm prusik included in the kit) and is designed to keep the rubber under tension without the operator having to do so.

Once the Big Shot is loaded, you can take your time to aim correctly and then, when ready, release the snap with a gentle tug on the line. A note of caution: make sure the hand holding the Jameson pole is well out of the way or you will get a serious slap as the pouch passes!

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