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Spot the Difference: Pro Climb answers the base anchor riddle

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treetools posed a question in the "Base anchored SRT Work Positioning lines cause concern" blog post last week. We deliberately did not answer the question in the hope that somebody else might take up the baton.

So… if the solution was keeping you up at night you'll be able to rest well tonight - you can find answer to the the basal anchor question on the Pro Climb website.

In the latest news posted by Rossy Ross you'll find the full explanation as to why one base anchor system is preferred over the other and which one is 'highly recommended' by Pro Climb.

Rossy is well known for his judging at the Regional and National TCC so make sure you set your base anchor correctly if you are competing in the next comp or you'll be getting a good talking to.

Rossy Ross from Pro Climb

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