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Popular products at Conference Trade Show

Popular products at Conference Trade Show

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 26, 2009

Treetools had planned to show a completely new range of products from Stein Safety in the UK and Pfanner Stretch-Air and Klima-Air gear from Austria at the NZ Arboricultural Conference in Blenheim held last week. Reg Coates (Stein RC Lowering Devices) and the Stein Safety UK team worked very hard to get the gear here on time for the show but we ended up being 1 day out!

So… Treetools went to Plan B and displayed equipment we have already shown to many Auckland arborists and tree climbers. Turns out, it was a good choice. Products like the Portable Winch had not been seen before and the Wolf Claw climbers attracted plenty of attention.

It was also a good opportunity for comparisons: ART Rope Savers, the DB Tree Rope Saver, Treemagineers/Teufelberger Rope Friction Savers (yet to be listedon the website) versus Timbersaws Friction Savers. Two new harnesses also debuted: the New Zealand made Aspiring arborist harness and the TreeJACK (yetto be listed on the webiste) from Teufelberger. Each product has its merits and by having all on display climbers could easily see the differences.

Other Treemagineers products attracting attention were Tachyon rope, the Hitch Climber set using DMM Ultra O carabiners and Ocean Polyester friction cordand the DMM Revolver. Drew Bristow is a bit of an expert with the Revolver and he spent some time on the stand explaining different uses for this excellentcarabiner.

The German made Elten chainsaw safety boots and Gronell tree climbing boots also created plenty of debate. The Class 1 Klima-Air Tirol Fighters and ZermatGTX would have made excellent comparisons for those looking for the best foot protection available (we will list these boots on the Treetools website soon).

Another feature of the show was having Andreas (Rossy) Ross from Pro Climb on the stand. Rossy presented the new PCRB bollard and the Pro Climb spiderrigging systems. Rossy has a great deal of experience in technical rigging and many arborists took advantage of this opportunity to discuss rigging issuesin depth. Pro Climb offer rigging workshops and plenty of companies expressed an interest in furthering their rigging education.

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