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NRG Special

NRG Special

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, February 21, 2010

Donahys are planning to launch a new climbing line mid-year to replace the 12 mm NRG access line. As part of the run-out they have made 30m hanks available to Treetools at excellent prices, and we've passed on the savings - available now for only $135.00 per 30m hank.

12 mm NRG was extensively field tested by DB Tree throughout 2009 and the rope lived up to expectations. DB Tree reported the knobbly 24-strand outer sheath, the 12 mm diameter of the rope and its 'stiffness' makes NRG perfect for mechanical devices. It also made an excellent footlocking line but a bit on the heavy side for a competition footlock event. Only one real downside: while NRG has good knot holding ability but it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to splice.

Many climbers are routinely installing an access line for everyday climbing but have found the price of additional ropesa little bit daunting. The NRG special from Donahys will make the move to access lines a little less painful with this fantastic pricing.

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