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More on the Trango Cinch

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 05, 2009

Treetools were introduced to the Trango Cinch by Drew Bristow of DB Tree.

Since that time we had assumed most tree climbers were using the Cinch as a mechanical adjuster in a work positioning system (similar to the Positioner ) even though it is designed primarily for rock climbing belay.

The Cinch was adopted by innovative tree climbers like Drew who very quickly recognized its benefits (and multiple uses). In contrast to the Cinch, the ART Positioner was designed specifically for lanyard adjustment.

Following yesterdays blog by Matt Glen, and his comments regarding the Cinch's versatility, we had had a number of phone calls asking for more information.

Today we have included a couple of videos showing alternative uses.

The first video by Malcolm Daley covers classic belaying and 'correct' use of the Cinch. The second shows the Cinch being used on a rope thinner than what it is specified for (see yesterdays comparison chart) - with expected results - but you'll get the idea.

Both the ART Positioner and the Trango Cinch are popular with competition tree climbers - so much so Treetools are out of stock until late next week!

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