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James Kilpatrick sets new world record for mens footlock: 13.65

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 20, 2011

13.65 seconds straight up 15 meters! Yes, you read that right - James Kilpatrick has officially broken the men's world record secured footlock with a 13.65 second climb at the 2011 Asia-Pacific TCC in Singapore.

James held the previous men's record at 14.11 seconds.

CORRECTION: the previous men's secured footlock world record was held by Mark Chisholm (New Jersey, USA) at 13.8 seconds (thanks Paul D.)

James Kilpatrick footlocking at the 2010 ITCC in Chicago with a 14.11 second climb. Treetools will post pictures of James' record breaking climb in Singapore as soon as they are available.

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