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Genuine Portable Winch available now from Treetools

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, October 11, 2009

If you need over 1000 kg of pulling power (or you can't get your vehicle close enough) then Portable Winch is the ideal solution. This petrol powered capstan-style winch pulls four times faster than an electric winch - over 12 meters per minute and you are not limited to the line available on the drum - whatever your rope length it will feed on the capstan because no rope accumulates on the drum.

The rope has to be 10 - 16 mm double braided polyester - not wire. There is an even faster drum option also available - 18 meters per minute but you sacrifice pulling power, throttling the winch down to 635 kg on a straight pull - which is still impressive. With some clever rigging and a fiddle block you can move even the most stubborn tree.

See the previous blog where Malcolm Shaw from Norton Tree Services in Auckland used the Portable Winch to place a huge Macrocarpa in the correct position. Ideally suited to anyone working with tree removal. There are loads of accessories designed to make your life easier - these will be added to the Treetools website during the week. Dealer inquiries welcome!

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