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GRONELL Tango boot wearer comments

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Further to yesterdays blog listed below are comments from Drew Bristow who owns a pair of GRONELLS.

"Just an update on the Gronells - super comfy boots that really aid climbing but the soft rubber is very slippy in the wet and wears quickly if used for non tree climbing. But that aside they are still awesome boots."

Thanks Drew. The soft rubber on the sole definitely looks vulnerable to wear if used for non-tree climbing activities but we are surprised they are slippy in wet conditions (assuming you mean they are slippy while climbing a tree rather than cafe cruising!). The full shank would also make everyday street wear slightly uncomfortable - a bit like walking in ski boots on tarmac.

Drew Bristow and Johno Smith pictured here at the Wellington TCC

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