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Edelrid Joker Junior tree climbing harness looks about right!

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Many parents want to get their kids into climbing trees but they are not sure where to start - particularly with the harness.

Treetools blogged about the availability of the Edelrid Joker Junior harness back in September 2010 and since then a number of parents have invested in this equipment.

Treetools also donated a Edelrid Joker Junior harness with Joker Freetop to the NTCA as support for their initiative to get Northland kids into trees.

The NTCA Pakaraka Gathering was the first time we had seen kids actually using the harness. The Gathering also presented an opportunity to talk with parents about the harness.

The general consensus is very positive - the Edelrid Joker Junior and Joker Freetop make a good first step towards tree climbing equipment for kids.

The NTCA Edelrid Joker in action at the Pakaraka Gathering

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