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Drew Bristow's TreeMOTION set-up

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, January 18, 2010

This weeks TreeMOTION set-up is from Drew Bristow, designer of the soft-eye DB Tree Rope Saver. Note the multiple DMM Revolvers, Rapide Hitch Climber, Ocean Polyester 8mm e2e, Aspiring Slings, Petzl Pirana and of course the DB Tree Rope Saver. The shorter length of Armor-Prus on the right (with Revolvers attached) is a beta version of a new redirect Drew is developing based on a Honey Brothers Redi.

The longer Armor-Prus on the right is another prototype DB Tree product (co-developed with Andy Neverman). It's a footlocking prussic which doubles as a rope saver. The thinking is: you are taking the footlocking prussic into the tree anyway so why not make it more useful. Both Drew and Andy believe equipment should have multiple uses where possible.

If anyone has pictures of the harness set-ups by Scott Forrest  or Jimmy Kilpatrick please let us know - Treetools had the opportunity to photograph both harnesses at the nationals but in the excitement of the day this task got forgotten!

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