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Aspiring arborist harness ready to go

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, October 08, 2009

Treetools blogged about the development of a New Zealand made arborist harness some weeks ago. The Aspiring Arborist harness is now in production and ready for general release. This harness is designed for maximum comfort and durability and will be sold at a reasonable price - around the early $500's. It follows standard arborist harness geometry with leg loops connected by a sliding ring 'bridge' in front and to the waist belt at the hips. The bridge is replaceable.

The sliding ring and side D-rings are manufactured by Aludesign in Italy and imported directly by Aspiring. The friction saver rings are individually proof-tested and rated to 25 kN (actual testing indicates strengths in excess of 40 kN). The large side D-rings are rated to 25 kN and the quick release buckles to 20 kN. The buckles are made by ISC in Wales (famous for a full range of climbing hardware).

There has been much debate about rings following the recent problems with the Kong rings from Italy sold by Sherrill. Aspiring have gone to great lengths to ensure their friction saver rings do not fail. Each Aludesign ring is individually tested to ensure quality is maintained and failure at low loads simply will not occur. All Aludesign friction savers are laser marked.

Following the first blog regarding the Aspiring arborist harness Treetools fielded a number of calls from arborist companies interested in this harness for their workers. Obviously the price is a major attraction and the fact it is made in NZ adds to the appeal. Their only reservation was compliance to safety standards. At the time we could not confirm its rating but recent literature from Aspiring shows the arborist harness complies with AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 lower body harness standard.

Treetools has the Aspiring Arborist Harness on order and a sample should be available over the next few days.

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