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Arborwear finally loaded onto the Treetools website

Arborwear finally loaded onto the Treetools website

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back in August, Treetools blogged about becoming the Arborwear dealer for New Zealand. As a trial we brought in a relatively small range of Arborwear gear. Now, finally we have loaded some of these items onto the website. This represents the limited range still available from the first shipment (so don't be surprised if there is a short delay in delivery times while we re-stock).

Arborwear started with tree climbing pants, designed by arborists.The Arborwear guys found there was only two options available for gear to wear to work; traditional canvas work pants or technical rock climbing pants.Canvas pants were too stiff, never fitted very well and restricted movement while climbing trees. (Its claimed they even tried laying them in the drivewayfor a couple weeks to soften them up). Rock climbing pants on the other hand allowed free ranging movement but didn’t hold up well to tree work, and theycost an arm and a leg.

Arborwear's solution was to marry the good points from both pants; to make a comfortable canvas work pant that you could actually move in. A pant thatfitted well and held up to the job. After lots of prototypes and on the job testing they finally made some things they liked… and they found otherpeople liked them too, not just arborists.

The features that make Arborwear clothes great for tree work are the same ones that suit any work environment or lifestyle that demands more from yourclothes. Arborwear claim they are not about bells and whistles, just the things you need, that actually work.

And, making honest, hardworking clothing remains their passion. All Arborwear styles are made using heavy-duty fabrics and innovative, free-moving designs.The Arborwear team personally test the clothes 50 feet up climbing trees and on the ground dragging brush—not in some fancy lab. The result is clothingyou can trust day in, and day out.

That philosophy is exactly what attracted Treetools to Arborwear and why our customers like them too!

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