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Jawand Nga Chun in the NZ NTCC Masters Challenge

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wildcard entry Jawand Nga Chun, a climbing arborist with Treescape in Auckland, went through to the Masters Challenge in the NZ NTCC after a frantic start. Jawand had trouble with a jammed hex screw on a D-shackle pulley he planned to use as part of his equipment for the (rather difficult) aerial rescue. Johno Smith helped out and together they managed to release the screw in time for the walk around.

The rest of the day went relatively smoothly but when Jewand timed-out on the aerial rescue he thought his chances in the Masters were over. Not so, he finished the day with in 4th position with 126.04 points and went into the mens Masters Challenge with Andy Neverman, Scott Forrest and James Kilpatrick.

Below is a short video of Jawand in action. Unfortunately Treetools ran out of storage space in the camera before the Jawand completed the climb but it will give you a taste of his ability. Zane Wedding and Johno Smith, fellow climbers from Auckland, can be heard in the background offering plenty of vocal support and encouragement!

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