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Double header for the kiwis - Scott and Chrissy take out the 2011 ITCC!

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, July 24, 2011

First the prelims and now the Masters event - the men's and women's title for the 2011 ITCC goes to kiwi climbers Scott (the legend) Forrest and three times international winner Chrissy Spence.

Both events were very tight. There were only 2 points between the top four in the men's division. Third place was a tie on points so the final placing was decided on time - see points table below:

Womens Masters
1) Chrissy Spence, New Zealand: 155.67 points
2) Jessica Knott, Australia: 144.8 points
3) Kiah Martin, Australia: 90.67 points

Mens Masters
1) Scott Forrest, New Zealand: 237.67 points
2) Joe Harris, Australia: 237.00 points
3) Jonathan Turnbull, UK-Ireland: 235.67 points
4) Johann Gustavsson, Sweden: 235.67 points
5) Jared Aborgena, Western Chapter USA: 210 points

Scott Forrest obviously elated with his win - more photographs to follow soon on Flickr

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