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TreeMOTION harnesses at realistic prices!

TreeMOTION harnesses at realistic prices!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, October 21, 2009

According to Treemagineer Chris Cowell, the original concept behind the TreeMOTION was to design an arborist harness well within financial reach of all tree climbers.

Over recent years the price of the TreeMOTION in New Zealand has climbed upward to a point where only elite climbers are preparedto pay the premium required to own such a harness.

Treetools have been working for some months to get the price down and we have finally landed a shipment priced below $900 at retail including GST (thatis a saving of about $250 on current prices).

If you are interested in a TreeMOTION let us know ASAP - harnesses will be available for general sale early next week.

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