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Peltor UVcator should be mandatory on all helmets used outdoors

Peltor UVcator should be mandatory on all helmets used outdoors

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the previous blog we ranted a little about the mistreatment most helmets take in their day-to-day lives. But even a well-loved helmet, when used outdoors is being hammered every day by UV rays - and in this part of the world the effects of UV are pretty harsh.

UV degradation is one reason why the NZ Department of Labour halves the stated life expectancy on EN rated helmets.

The sun's ultra violet rays area 'silent' helmet killer as well. You can only guess at how degraded or UV damaged your helmet actually is over a specific period of time.

Safety equipment manufacturer, Peltor, has come up with a solution - the UVcator - a unique UV sensitive indicator, easily visible in the top of the helmetwhich graphically shows the degradation caused by UV rays over the life of the helmet. There is one major problem: the UVcator only works on the Peltorhelmet!

Have a look at the Peltor UVcator website. Unfortunately it is 'Flash-based'so it may take a while to load… but it's worth the effort.

This type of technology should be mandatory on all helmets, particularly those used in this part of the world.

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