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Drool over Steve Ibelings Winch Bollard

Drool over Steve Ibelings Winch Bollard

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Netherlands-based Steven Ibelings is a regular visitor to the Treetools website and an active contributor to our blog. He is also pretty damn good at designingtree rigging gear - have a look at his Winch Bollard and then wipe your chin - this beauty will get you drooling!

Steven tells us his Winch Bollard is built around the Harken 46 (similar to the GCRS(Good Rigging Control System)). The Harken is mounted on a stainless steel backplate and the whole unit weighs about 23 kg.

Unlike the GRCS which has a winch handle plus a bar for the strapping, Steven has managed to make his winch handle multi-purpose - it's used for boththe winch and the mounting mechanism.

Another unique feature (for a winch/bollard) is the ability to set two ropes at once - one around the winch and one around the outer bollard.

The Ibeling Winch Bollard is available with a custom-made aluminum flight case to keep your investment protected. Six of these units have sold already- watch out GCRS!

Prototype 3-D image pictured above - you'll find more photographs on Facebook.

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