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Whiptail Spliced Termination

  • Whiptail Spliced Termination


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    NEW ROPES ONLY Climbing systems, like the DMM Hitch Climber configuration, perform best and are considered safer and more streamlined, with a spliced eye. A spliced rope termination retains around 90% of the rope's strength while knots cut strength to approximately 60%. 24-strand Double Braid, 16-strand, 12-strand and 3-strand ropes are spliceable. 24-strand climbing lines are prone to 'milking' which limits splicing the eye to one end only. Most climbers prefer a 'Tight Eye' on climbing lines, but we can splice a larger eye if required. Rigging lines usually have a 150 mm eye. Allow an extra meter of rope if you want a specific length climbing line. Hand spliced by Anna at Shift2. Anna is New Zealand's only Yale Cordage Certified splicer.

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    • Spliced by a Yale Cordage Certified splicer (annual re-testing is required to qualify for Yale Cordage Splicing Certification)
    • Spliced terminations are much stronger, more streamlined and safer than knots
    • Complies with International Standards - SAI Global break testing reports available on request (cord specific)
    • Suits 24-strand Double Braid, 16-strand, 12-strand and 3-strand ropes
    • Custom eye sizes available on request
    • NEW ROPES ONLY and remember NOT all all ropes are spliceable - check rope specification before purchasing
    • Splicing at one end only is Treetools recommendation
    • Please Note! A Whiptail Spliced Termination requires 1m of rope. For example, if you want a 20m rope eye spliced at one end, you will need to add 21m to your cart
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