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Sterling RIT 900 6.8mm

Sterling RIT 900 6.8mm

Sterling RIT 900 6.8mm



SOLD PER METER The Sterling RIT 900 is a versatile 6.8 mm all-aramid, hollow braid cord designed for exceptional performance in challenging conditions. With a high decomposition point at 500°C (900°F), this cord won't melt, ensuring its reliability even in extreme heat. It's easily knotted and conveniently stowed in a pocket or small bag, making it a handy tool for firefighters who require hands-free operation in rapidly deteriorating visibility or intense heat, all while staying connected to their team outside. The Twaron® sheathing enhances its heat tolerance and provides resistance against abrasion and chemical damage. Sterling incorporate RIT 900 in Sterling friction loops like the Sterling HollowBlock range, and it proudly bears the "Made in the U.S.A." label, ensuring top-notch quality.

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  • Lightweight 6.8mm diameter, Heat resistant to 500° Celsius
  • Hollow braid, made of 100% Twaron (para-aramid) easily into a pocket or bag
  • Compact, supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable
  • Easier to handle than webbing with gloved hands
  • High resistance abrasion, cuts, and chemicals such as acids and alkalis
  • Great for primary or personal search lines
  • Proudly made in the USA
Diameter 6.8 mm
Construction Hollow Braid
Cover Twaron
Static Strength 18.6 kN
Splice YES

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