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ISC RP292 Rigging Wrench

ISC RP292 Rigging Wrench

ISC RP292 Rigging Wrench



The ISC RP292 Rigging Rope Wrench is a versatile lowering device designed for precise control from the ground and aloft, accommodating loads from 20 to 120kg. Whether positioned at the tree's base or aloft, this compact device delivers optimal friction control, particularly in mechanical advantage setups. Its one-way locking pulley sheave enhances control during lowering, ensuring smooth operation even with heavier loads. Crafted in Wales, the ISC RP292 Rigging Rope Wrench promises reliability and performance in various rigging applications, making it an essential tool for arborists and rigging professionals.

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  • Set up in the canopy and control the descent of limbs from the ground or aloft
  • Push-to-turn release mechanism
  • Stainless steel spindle with one-way locking pulley sheave for added friction during lowering
  • Rugged hot-forged aluminum side plates
  • Perfect for small crews
  • Silver connecting 'bone' for easy identification
  • Comes complete with carry case
  • Made in Wales
Length190 mm
Weight475 g
Suitable for impact?NO
Working Line Ø≤13 mm
Top Strop Ø≤12 mm
Locking SheaveYES
MBS30 kN
WLL20 - 120 kg
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