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Tumai Laybourn up 9 places in the NZAA Top 20

Tumai Laybourn up 9 places in the NZAA Top 20

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 15, 2010

Treescape Auckland climber Tumai Laybourn is up nine places in the NZAA Top 20 rankings after his magnificent performance at the Nationals held over the weekend at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland.

Tumai finished the 2010 NTCC in third place overall. This is his first climb in the national event and his first ever Masters (in front of an enthusiastic crowd).

The NZAA have added and 'rank change' to the listing which makes it much easier to ascertain the changes in position. In the past it was relatively hard to see what the movement was, unless of course you had a record of the previous listing.

Scott Forrest has bumped James Kilpatrick off the top position (James was unable to compete in the 2010 NZ NTCC due to work commitments in Germany).

Other significant changes in ranking are Anthony Romano-Wickham up three places, Shaun Hardman up nine places and Jelte Buddingh up a massive 17 places!

Ross Kite (second in the Masters) also blasted into the Top 20 with a number nine ranking.

The full ranking for both men and women is available on the NZAA website.

Tumai Laybourn on Saturday, deep in concentration while he attaches his Unicender

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