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Temporary winch-head upgrade for GRCS

Temporary winch-head upgrade for GRCS

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 19, 2011

The standard configuration GRCS (Good Rigging Control System) utilises the Harken 46 self-tailing winch. The number 46 in the moniker refers to the power ratio of the winch. This means the Harken 46 has a power ratio of 46:1 in its final gear. For every kilo of weight put into the handle there is 46 kilos of output (or lifting/pulling power).

Greg Good from Good Rigging LLC, the manufacturer of the GRCS, was a major reseller of Harken 46 self-tailing winches worldwide. But unfortunately for Greg, Harken have ceased production of the trusty 46.

Future versions of the GRCS will feature a new winch-head, designed by Greg and custom manufactured by Harken in Italy. The first of the new model GRCS should be available early in the new year.

In the meantime all GRCS systems delivered this month will feature the Harken 48 self-tailing winch-head.

Yes that's a whopping 48:1 power ratio, which means your 85kg groundie is capable of lifting over 4 tonnes by himself (or herself)!

And the price of the GRCS remains the same.

Treetools has a number of GRCS systems landing later this month and they will all sport the Harken 48 self-tailing winch-head - a Christmas bonus for some of our lucky customers!

Craig deDenus riggingWellington-based rope splicer and climbing arborist Craig deDenus rigging with Pro Climb's GRCS at the Hackfalls Arborcamp in early November. Rossy Ross from Pro Climb is New Zealand's leading trainer in the use of the GRCS for tree rigging.

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