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The GRCS is based on a Model 46 Harken 'Arborist' 2-speed self-tailing hand winch and designed by Greg Good for tree work. Possibly the best lifting and lowering device on the market - every arborist should have one! The mounted tree station takes both the Harken 46 self-tailing capstan winch or the aluminium lowering bollard. The work station has hinged side plates and solid rubber feet to ensure secure mounting to the tree. A patented GCRS fair lead system positions the rope on the drum to eliminate crossovers during raising, lowering and side pulling operations. The mount weighs approximately 40 kg - beefy enough to withstand heavy use, but compact enough to be quickly installed. The GCRS can also be used for controlled lowering.

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The GRCS Device is easily attached firmly to a tree trunk. The complete unit features a modified Harken 46 winch that separates from the mount for easy setup. The tree mount is hinged, offering flexibility when attaching to a variety of stem diameters.

The rubber feet on the tree mount help protect the cambium if the tree is not to be removed. The aluminium bollard is interchangeable with the winch head. All aluminium construction ensures optimal friction heat dissipation on the bollard.

Multiple 'fair leads' position the rope on the winch drum to keep operation tangle free. The 2-speed, self-tailing winch allows a single ground person to lift, lower, and lock off tremendous loads quickly, safely, and without tying knots.

In 2012, the GRCS was updated with an improved winch, the Harken 46 Arborist. It has a taller drum, allowing for a full five wraps with a 19 mm lowering line. The self-tailer is modified to accommodate the larger diameter ropes used in our industry.

  • Post 2012 models features a true "arborist" winch head with a longer drum
  • The drum can take 5 full wraps with a 19mm" rope
  • Interchangeable aluminum lowering bollard included
  • Easy to install Universal Mounting Plate
  • Quality Kinedyne Ratchet Strap (WLL 2450 kgs)
  • Kinedyne Ratchet Lever
Weight 38 kg
Drum Ø 115 mm
Self-Tailing YES
Rope Ø <19 mm
Ratio 22:1 CW
46:1 CC
The complete Good Rigging Control System weighs in at over 40kg when packed.
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What counts as work at height safety equipment?
  • Ascenders
  • Carabiners
  • Climbing Kits
  • Climbing Lines
  • Climbing spurs
  • Connectors
  • Descenders
  • Friction Cords
  • Friction Savers
  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Lanyards
  • Pulleys
  • Rope Tools
  • Slings
  • Swivels

Please ensure you select compatible gear for your specific configuration. For example, the correct diameter rope for the hardware your are running. Safety products cannot be returned due to configuration incompatiability - do your research, or ask us if you are not sure.

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