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Stein Skyline Dyneema Throwline arriving soon

Stein Skyline Dyneema Throwline arriving soon

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stein have launched a new 100% Dyneema throwline to compete with Samson Zing-It and New England Dynaglide and it will be available soon from Treetools.

Stein Skyline is 2mm in diameter (for comparison DynaGlide is 1.8mm and Zing It is 1.75mm diameter), constructed from 8-strand Dyneema producing an average strength of 450kg.

It is packaged in 50m spools and available in Orange and Yellow. Apparently the construction is 'rounder' than Zing-It and Dynaglide. We'll post more information once we have the product on-hand.

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