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New, improved GRCS back in stock

New, improved GRCS back in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 14, 2012

Late last year we blogged about future changes to the GRCS (Good Rigging Control System) and now the first of these new winches have arrived in store.

The Harken 46st Radial is the updated winch-head which includes Harken modifications specifically developed for Greg Good. The Harken 46 Arborist winch has a taller drum than the standard 46 Radial and the self-tailing mechanism will accommodate the larger diameter ropes typically found in tree work.

The new winch allows 5 wraps of 19mm rope and the self-tailing jaws open wide enough to handle that diameter as well.

More wraps mean increased rope to capstan contact area which leads to higher efficiency when pulling.

The new radial design also has a stainless steel cap which incorporates the stripper arm. The stainless cap protects the jaws of the self-tailer from damage.

The footprint is larger than the old 46 making the new mount about the same as the 48s Treetools sold over the December/January period.

Due to customer demand Treetools has also added the truck receiver plate to our GRCS stock list in store.


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