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Climber training week planned for the Manawatu

Climber training week planned for the Manawatu

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, January 22, 2011

New to tree climbing or an old-hand, Rossy Ross from Pro Climb has a comprehensive climber training week planned for Palmerston North (7-11 February, 2011).

Pro Climb is offering full day climbing courses over the week, ranging from basic training through to the more complicated SRT access - there is a course to suit all levels of climber ability. All of the Pro Climb courses have ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available.

The climbing courses scheduledthroughout the week are tailored to different levels of climbing ability - to get the most out of it you should make an honest appraisal of your climbingskills before you select which course is best.

The Climbing 0 course is designed for people new to tree climbing - Treetools talks to plenty of people who want to get off their ladders and into thetree - this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Not only do you learn the basic principles of tree climbing but you will gain a better understanding ofthe type of equipment required - this alone could save you a fortune on mis-matched gear.

Space is limited on these courses so you will need to book early - visit the Pro Climb website for more details.

Rossy Ross from Pro Climb, pictured above presenting the very informative Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap Workshop at the NTCA Pakaraka Gathering last weekend in Northland.

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