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A big shout out for Marlies Laser!

A big shout out for Marlies Laser!

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unfortunately (for the kiwi tree climbing community), Marlies Laser has stood down as the National TCC Coordinator but… she could not have left on a more positive note!

Herding flies is relatively easy when compared to organizing tree climbers - that is, it's not a job for the faint-hearted.

Marlies as put in a lot of hard work and the result could be seen over the weekend, particularly on Saturday with the 'grandstand' style finish for theNational TCC events.

Beyond her job description as TCC National Coordinator Marlies has been a strong advocate for the tree climbing community within arboriculture (at anexecutive level) and the effects of her influence in this role are far more subtle.

For example, over the last year Treetools has noticed a distinct change of attitude in arb company management towards tree climbing members of staff.A competent tree climber is now recognized as a valuable asset and is being managed accordingly.

We believe Marlies has a lot to do with this change in attitude and she should be acknowledged for this.

So Marlies, on behalf of the New Zealand tree climbing community thank you for all your work as TCC National Coordinator during 2010 - a job very welldone! (Treetools has a framed photograph of the 2010 NTCC competitors for your wall).

Matt Palmer takes over the role of TCC National Coordinator for 2011. Let's get behind Matt and give him all the support he needs to make 2011 an evenbigger tree climbing year!

Marlies Laser seen here talking with another tireless TCC volunteer Jerry Lynch during the speed climb event on Saturday.

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