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2010 ITCC Womens Work Climb winners to compete in Straford

2010 ITCC Womens Work Climb winners to compete in Straford

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Women's 2010 ITCC Work Climb winners Chrissy Spence, Nicky Ward-Allen and Veronica Ericsson will compete in the NZAA Taranaki Open this coming weekend in Stratford. The Taranaki Open is the last chance for a competitive climb before the NZAA Auckland Regional TCC in March.

While internationally rated tree climbers will be in attendance, event organizers Neal Harding and Nicky Ward-Allen stress the Taranaki Open is for everyone interested in tree climbing. There is a separate division within the comp for those who have never qualified for a Nationals - and this includes separate prizes. 

The Throwline event should present some unique challenges with the hardest target being a natural hoop made of tree branches (picture to follow). Nicky Ward-Allen will release the Aerial Rescue scenario later in the week.

There are a limited number of Taranaki Open tee shirts still available. You will need to email Neal or Nicky if you want to secure one for yourself.

Rumor has it there is a decent prize pool of cash available along with the usual spot prizes from sponsors - we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything more!

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