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Reecoil Drill-Grab Lanyard

Reecoil Drill-Grab Lanyard

Reecoil Drill-Grab Lanyard



The Reecoil DRILL-GRAB TOOL LANYARD is a compact and reliable solution for technical rope access professionals securing tools while aloft. With a weight capacity of up to 5kg, this premium tool lanyard provides total reach while prioritizing safety. It seamlessly integrates with the DRILL-GRAB system and can also be used independently for various tools at height. In addition, the Reecoil DRILL-GRAB TOOL LANYARD ensures increased security and ease of use by featuring aluminium carabiners with a twist-lock gate, keylock nose, and a corner trap. Elevate your work safety with this essential tool lanyard.

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  • Coated steel cable construction, great for hot works
  • Twist lock, keylock, corner trap carabiners with keylock nose to avoid snagging when clipping and unclipping
  • Twist-lock for quick opening and auto-locking feature for security. Easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves
  • 40cm recoil length; 1.5-meter reach
  • Load rating 5kg (11lb)
  • Developed as a premium tool lanyard with the Rope Access, Construction, Utility, and Arborist industries
Length (relaxed) 400 mm
Length (extended) 1500 mm
Coiled Wire 4 mm
Capacity 5.0 kg
Connector Twist-Lock
Tear-a-way NONE
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