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Rock Exotica Pirate ORCA

  • Rock Exotica Pirate ORCA



    ORCA lock carabiners are new type of auto-locking carabiner which can be set 'open' without the normal hand motion of a triple-lock barrel. The ORCA auto-locks when the carabiner is clipped onto a connection point. This Open Regular Close Auto (O.R.C.A.) gate design makes these carabiners ideal for setting up complex rigging, rescue, or other operations where the climber does not want to spend a lot of time fiddling with opening the carabiner gate.

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    The Rock Exotica Pirate ORCA (Open Regular Close Auto) carabiner has an enhanced 3-stage barrel mechanism which lifts and twists like traditional auto-locks but can be set to remain in the un-locked position. This allows the gate - whether you attach the ORCA carabiner immediately, or leave it installed in an anchor to connect a line later, to open easily just like a non-locker - this carabiner is for expert users only.

    Primarily designed as a belay carabiner, the Rock Exotica Pirate is also a popular carabiner with rope access and rescue practitioners.

    Patented key-lock nose, so no more rope snag. Rock Exotica's carabiners have the highest inward gate/sleeve strength (7kN on the Pirate).

    Weighs in at only 89 g. Designed and manufactured in the USA. All Rock Exotica carabiners are individually tested to half their rated strength.

    • Drop forged aluminum
    • Wide top radius allows munter hitch belay, or the connection of multiple items
    • Enhanced ORCA 3-stage 'auto lock' operation: Lift up, twist and open like a 3-stage gate. Can be set to remain in the unlocked position
    • Non-snag nose
    • Machined frame ensures tight tolerances and smooth operation
    • CE Certified to EN 12275, EN362 and UIAA121
    • Made in the USA
    Major Axis 26 kN
    Minor Axis 12 kN
    Open Gate 7 kN
    Gate Opening 22 mm
    Barrel Style ORCA
    Length 107 mm
    Width 71 mm
    Weight 89 g
    Certified EN12275

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