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CAMP Gyro-3

CAMP Gyro-3

CAMP Gyro-3




Experience unmatched versatility with the CAMP Gyro-3, a compact and ingenious rigging connector engineered with the CAMP proprietary triple swivel design. Tailored for professional arborists and rope access technicians, the CAMP Gyro-3 empowers rigging applications that demand unrestricted movement. Whether self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple harness connections, mitigating twisting in Y lanyards, cross-hauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, or intricate rescue procedures, the CAMP Gyro-3 delivers unparalleled flexibility. Its innovative design resists dirt accumulation and simplifies inspection. Crafted with a carbon steel main structure featuring a dual corrosion preventive coating, stainless steel swivel balls, and attachment points, the Gyro-3 ensures durability and reliability. This rigging system has three removable silicon anti-rotation (cross-loading) inserts. The CAMP Gyro-3 has a working load limit of 3 kN and a minimum breaking strength of 26 kN, making it an indispensable swivelling connector for demanding rigging scenarios.

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  • Compact and extremely versatile rigging connector featuring CAMPs unique triple swivel design
  • The CAMP Gyro-3 rotates at all three connection points which allows for countless rigging possibilities where freedom of movement at the connector is essential
  • A few possibilities include: self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple connections to a harness, preventing twisting in Y lanyards, cross-hauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, complex rescue procedures
  • Main structure is carbon steel with a double corrosion preventive coating. Swivel balls and attachment points are stainless steel
  • Includes three removeable silicon anti-rotation (anti cross-loading) inserts
  • Working load limit: 3 kN. Minimum breaking strength: 26 kN
Height 85 mm
Weight 155 g
Connector Eye Ø 16 mm
MBS 26 kN
WLL 3 kN
Body Material Carbon Steel
Swivel Material Stainless Steel
Standards ANSI/ASSP Z359.12-2019

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