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Rock Exotica Kootenay

  • Rock Exotica Kootenay



    The original Kootenay was proposed by the legendary Arnor Larson in the late '80's and made by Rock Exotica. The Kootenay is designed to pass knots in rope working as the main pulley for multiple-line Kootenay highline systems. The large sheave, mounted on sealed ball bearings for high efficiency, allows the pulley to pass over the knot. The large space between the top of the side plates and the sheave ensures the easy passage of knots. Locking pins of the sheave allow use of the pulley as an anchor. Two holes for tag lines, a dual bearing and other features make the Kootenay Ultra the most advanced pulley of its type.

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    The original Kootenay knot passing pulley was built by Rock Exotica in the late 80's.

    Since those days, many have copied the pulley and even used the original name, but none have made as many advancements in the design until now - the Rock Exotica knot passing Kootenay pulley is simply the best on the market.

    Extemely compact and lightweight, while maintaining same capacity of larger Kootenay-style pulleys. Simplifies high-strength tie-off with a single locking screw, stowable within the axle.

    The Rock Exotica Kootenayuses two independent sealed ball bearings for increased durability and efficiency.

    Two additional holes to separate tag lines and hoist lines, helping prevent spinning of the load and interference with connectors.

    • Makes and excellent zipline (or skyline ) pulley
    • Efficient option for rope bridge harnesses
    • Three point attachment rigging plate swivels to reduce twisting and rope hockles
    • The attachment points on the rigging plate have internal rubber grommets to control carabiner movement and minimize cross loading
    • Designed for use with an oval-shaped carabiner, specifically the Rock Exotica Rock O
    • CNC 4-axis machined from T6 aluminum
    • Not mid-line attachable
    • Made in the USA
    Height 218 mm
    Width 104 mm
    Depth 75 mm
    Weight 711 g
    Strength 39 kN
    WLL 6 kN Single Line
    Rope Ø 8 -19 mm
    Sheave Ø 56 mm
    Sheave Type Bearing x2
    Certified Pending
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