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KK SAKA Spacer

  • KK SAKA Spacer



    The KK Spikescender SAKA Spacer is an optional extra for the KK Spikescender - you can attach your SAKA or foot loop directly to the spacer using a small carabiner - the DMM XSRE carabiner is ideal for this application. This feature eliminates annoying foot loop issues and minimises the amount of rope need under the hand ascender or SAKA. The KK Spikescender SAKA Spacer fits beneath the gaff on the opposite side to the KK Spikescender to ensure both gaffs are equidistant from the shaft. Make sure you use the extended stainless steel bolts to fit Gecko gaffs - the original bolt is too short. The American Short gaff is ideal when used in this application.

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    • For use with SAKA or HAAS Ascent Systems - NOTE: the SAKA carabiner needs to be replaced with a DMM XSRE (or similar) to fit through the hole
    • Balances the gaff distance from the shaft especially if you like using your toes to rest against the stem
    • Comes complete 30mm stainless bolts to suit Gecko gaffs and accommodate the extra thickness of the spacer
    • Easily retro-fitted to KK Carbons or Distel Gecko climbers (spurs)
    Milled Aluminum
    Orientation Left or Right
    Holes to suit Gecko
    Gaff Options Purchased
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