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The TreeMOTION harness: 3 years at No:1 in New Zealand

The TreeMOTION harness: 3 years at No:1 in New Zealand

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Treetools retails over 15 different tree climbing harnesses but there is nothing quite like the TreeMOTION by Teufelberger!

Designed by the Treemagineers, the TreeMOTION has changed the tree climbing harness market forever (in our humble opinion).

When customers have the opportunity to trial a TreeMOTION, even one without any of the intricate adjustments being made, they almost always opt for this harness over alternatives.

Due to all the hype surrounding the TreeMOTION some, new-to-the-market, harness owners enter the store stating categorically they do not want a TreeMOTION: but all we need do is let them loose on our climbing 'tree' for 15 minutes, wearing a TreeMOTION, and they soon change their mind.

For more on the hype, enter the word 'TreeMOTION' into our Blog search box to see what we mean.

In terms of sales through Treetools, the TreeMOTION harness has the honor of being our No:1 selling tree climbing harness for three years in a row: 2010, 2011 and now 2012.

To help celebrate this achievement Treetools has produced a Limited Edition TreeMOTION.

The 'Limited' version will be available until the end of January and features, as standard, Teufelberger's new Comfort Backpad and a Stein First Aid kit with accessory carabiner (for securing the first aid kit suitably to the harness) at no extra cost. 

As per usual Treetools has plenty of stock so you will not need to pre-order to secure yours!

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