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SRT and the working tree climber (with Rich Hattier)

SRT and the working tree climber (with Rich Hattier)

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Those new to tree climbing might be lead to think SRT is restricted to competitive tree climbers and the International Tree Climbing Competitions.

However, nothing could be further from the truth: climbing on a single line is a working mans tool. It's simply another 'tool in the box' for the aerial arborist to use; some trees are ideal for SRT application and others are not.

When used correctly SRT can improve efficiency, productivity and safety.

As a result of these factors, single line work positioning has a high adoption rate with the working tree climber, regardless of what the ISA has to say.

And, without a doubt, the world's leading SRT Work Positioning 'tool' is the Singing Tree Rope Wrench made by ISC Wales.

When combined with a suitable stiff tether, friction hitch and pulley, the Rope Wrench allows the experienced tree climber to ascend, descend and work position during the ascent phase.

All maneuvers can be completed safely without any form of changeover or system transition during the climb.

Rich Hattier (ISC North America)

One of the early adopters (and a leading proponents) of SRT for the working tree climber is Rich Hattier from the USA.

As luck would have it, Rich will be at Treetools on the evening of 14 October 2014 to demonstrate SRT production techniques for the working tree climber.

In the right application the use of SRT can significantly speed up the job, improving productivity, efficiency and safety - hence the reason why arb companies and contract tree climbers are sitting up and taking notice.

Treetools has watched Rich 'perform' on a few occasions - the SRT demo is not to be missed (to spice up the evening we believe Drew Bristow might be helping Rich out).

This dynamic duo will show you why, how and when to select SRT as the right tool to complete the job safely.

Rich is in New Zealand for the 2014 NZ Arb Conference and New Zealand National TCC in Rotorua and has kindly set aside some time in his busy schedule to work with Treetools on this project.

The show will get underway about 4:30pm - all working tree climbers are welcome - register your interest on the 'event' page on Facebook (Treetools can accommodate about 30 climbers).

Check out the video below to see the 'master' action.

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