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Safety Test for 2016 ART Spiderjack 3

Safety Test for 2016 ART Spiderjack 3

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ART have announced a 'Safety Test' for owners of Spiderjack 3 devices produced in 2016 with a serial number beginning 25.16…

Hubert Kowalewski says "If the bonding of the grub screw, attaching the thumb brake to the Spiderjack 3 is defective, it can unscrew slightly and obstruct the movement of the friction clutch or the device body. In the worst case scenario, the device no longer grips the rope safely."

A Spiderjack 3 used in the field, beginning with the serial number 25.16, had the clamping action of the friction brake affected in this manner.

It is possible other devices may have the same problem.

"The bonding of the grub screw has proven safe and reliable in tests, but we want to be certain".

Please check the two grub screws as shown in (Abb. 1).

Every user of the ART SpiderJack 3 with the serial number: 25.16… is asked to carry out this check without delay based on the following instructions (Abb. 2).

To conduct the safety test, move the device into 'locked' position exposing the two grub screws.

Then use the thinner hex driver (2.5 mm), supplied with your ART SpiderJack 3, as shown (Abb. 2). It is important the hex driver is held on the short side. If you cannot turn the two grub screws with the method shown, using only a small amount of force (1 to 1.5 Nm), then everything is OK, and the ART SpiderJack 3 is safe to use. It does not matter which direction the screw is turned.

If, however one or both of the grub screws can be turned, the SpiderJack 3 must not be used until resolution of the problem. If the grub screws turn freely, contact Treetools without delay. We will send you a free repair kit with instructions to remedy the problem.

Owners of ART SpiderJack 3, serial numbers: 25.17… with the new grub screw (Abb. 3) do not have to carry out this safety test. The new grub screws with the head are mechanically fixed in place, and proper bonding of every single screw is double checked.

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