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2013 TreeMOTION: the same but different

2013 TreeMOTION: the same but different

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, May 18, 2013

The 'old' TreeMOTION has a new name (the S.Light) and the 'new' 2013 TreeMOTION takes over the old moniker.

Confused? Well, that's marketing for you!

According to the handbook included with the latest TreeMOTION (now known as the TreeMOTION) there are two products covered by the Teufelbergers Information and User Instructions: the TreeMOTION and the TreeMOTION S.Light.

There are important differences between these two products - for your convenience we have listed them below.

1) Load Carrying Capacity

The total test mass for the 2013 TreeMOTION was 120kg while the (now original) S.LIght was only 100kg.

The TreeMOTION deviates from EN 358:1999 and EN 813:2008 in some constructional details (eg the width of ventrally used webbing) but otherwise passes all the static and dynamic tests for both those standards, including EN 12277.

The 120kg test load was made up of climber and equipment.

The 2013 TreeMOTION also complies with ANSI Z133.1-2012 for arboricultural operations - it does not comply with any other ANSI Standard.

2) Comfort backpad fitted

The 'Comfort' Backpad was a recent optional extra for the original TreeMOTION and has proved to be very popular indeed - see previous blog post here.

The 'Comfort' Packpad is fitted as standard on the 2013 TreeMOTION but both back pad styles are available as replacement parts.

3) Stitched tail on the bridge

Treetools is not entirely sure about this one? Cosmetic or useful?

The tail on the bridge stopper knots is stitched solid for about 50mm at each end. The stitch stiffens up the tail significantly - we assume this would stop the tail sucking back through the knot under excessive load (but don't quote us on that!).

4) Rear PPE attachment point

Apart from the red-fringed Comfort Backpad and the 'Stitched' stopper knot tails the central rear PPE attachment point is the most obvious addition to the 2013 TreeMOTION.

According to the literature the central rear 'Green' attachment ring is for PPE restraint on 'working platforms'? The document goes on to say 'The user must not reach a point where a fall is possible'.

You can attach the Work Positioning lanyard to the central anchor ring but the lanyard anchor point must be above waistline - see Pic 21 below (taken directly from the User Instruction Manual).

The central rear attachment point is rated to 15kN along with the bridge and side-D's and the bridge itself.

5) Small DMM Axis swivel for bridge attachment

The addition of a swivel at the bridge is quite common for TreeMOTION users. Up until the arrival of the small DMM Axis Swivel the Rock Exotica Orbiter was the most popular choice but the eye was prone to excessive wear from sliding up and down the rope bridge. The more robust, rope-friendly DMM Axis Swivel has proved to be a better option.

Recognising this trend Teufelberger had TüV Austria (CE 0408) test the DMM Axis Swivel (in place of the DMM Anchor Ring) on the TreeMOTION bridge and both pieces of hardware now have company endorsement for use as a bridge attachment.

Still confused?

To keep things simple Treetools will limit stock to the 2013 TreeMOTION - the S.Light is available by special order only.

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