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(in)Famous Netherlands DuckSaver trashed in chipper

(in)Famous Netherlands DuckSaver trashed in chipper

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, June 11, 2011

You'll probably all remember the Matt Says No! story from January last year where Matt Glen had a go at Wouter (from the Netherlands) for using the Kong Duck in a rope saver set up.

Following this stressful first 'meeting', Wouter became a valued friend of Treetools (via the blog). Heregularly contributes and makes comment (thanks for that Wouter - you are always welcome here).

So… as an addendum to the original Matt Says No! story, Wouter sent through this YouTube clip showing the damage inflicted to the now infamousNetherlands DuckSaver following an unfortunate meeting with a mini chipper (Jobeau M300) - see below.

Actually, Matt Glen knows a thing or to about climbing gear meeting chippers but you'll have to ask him yourself for more detail!

Thanks to Wouter from the Netherlands for this lead.

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