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i-Splice tests at 28kN on Samson Arbormaster

i-Splice tests at 28kN on Samson Arbormaster

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, September 20, 2010

To ensure the integrity of all PPE splices sold by Treetools we regularly conduct random break tests on spliced rope supplied to us by Auckland splicers DB Tree and i-Splice.

i-Splice is a relative newcomer to Treetools but head splicer, Ivor Shannon has been splicing rope for Auckland 2010 TCC champ Jawand Ngau Chun for a number of years. These tests are the first Treetools have conducted on i-Splice splices.

You will recognize i-Splice splices by the distinctive whipping, labeling and serial numbering of each splice.

Included in the test ropes was a length of Samson Arbormaster 'Bluestreak'. This is a 16-strand line and the test sample was spliced  eye-to-eye with a Class I splice. Apart from the amazing amount of 'stretch' in Arbormaster the rope finally broke at 28kN.

Usually, with this type of test, the back end of the eye blows out, largely due to the bend ratio produced by the 11mm diameter pin we use (to replicate the bar of a carabiner). On this break, the eyes remained intact and the rope broke on the stitched whipping at the base of the eye - see picture below.
The i-Splice test samples in this batch were Teufelberger Sirius 10mm, Ocean Polyester 8mm, Armor Prus 10mm, Samson Arbormaster and Samson Velocity. All splices tested well over benchmark expectations.

The length of Sirius 10mm was spliced with an eye at each end - one splice to New England specs and one to Samson specifications. The New England version broke (at the splice return) at 20kN. Samson specs will be used in future Sirius splices.

Treetools also tested various knots . In most cases the knot will break before the splice, particularly Bowline knots. Only the Fishermans outperformed the splice on Armor Prus 10mm with the splice breaking before the knot at 24kN. The Bowline pinched the rope, snapping it clean at 22kN.

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